Reading writing arithmetic hickory stick bbq

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Back-to-basics movement heads for high school in San Francisco

Students were taught reading, writing, arithmetic and manners. The girls were taught to sew and do handiwork.

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Because paper was very expensive, the students would write on slates. Jan 02,  · The emphasis of course was on teaching ‘the three R’s’, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic. The equipment and resources available was most elementary.

The whole library of school owned books was housed in a glass fronted cabinet about four feet by four feet. Reading, writing, and arithmetic were taught to the tune of a hickory stick.

Older kids kindly helped younger kids, and there were no gangs and no knowledge of drugs. reading of text improved their Lexile scores 34 percent more (reading, writing and arithmetic).

Among other innovations, students were separated by gender, and class periods were extended to 95 min-utes. Two immediate distractions were nipped in the Crestview, Florida at Hickory Avenue, Crest- te isceued there.

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Lyrics to School days school days dear old golden rule days reading and writing and rithmetic taught to the tune of a hickory stick?

Reading writing arithmetic hickory stick bbq
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Back-to-basics movement heads for high school in San Francisco -